After you have completed a purchase, you will receive a secondary email to create a password. If you don’t see this email – check your promotions inbox if using gmail.

Using Google Chrome, once you are logged into the dashboard download the extension by clicking the product name.

  1. Once you are in the dashboard click the product name
  2. Your browser will then download a .zip file
  3. On both mac and windows you can extract this file by right clicking
  4. Once extracted you will have a regular folder on your computer with the Product name
  5. Now you open chrome and paste this in the address bar chrome://extensions
  6. Enable developer mode (top left toggle button)
  7. Lastly you hit the load unpacked button on the top menu and point to the extracted folder

You will now be logged in and ready to go, if you need to manage your subscription, change your password or view your other bots you can do so by clicking the “dashboard” button located at the bottom of pop-up.

If you’ve lost the links to the chrome store you can retrieve them by visiting the dashboard. If any assistance is needed feel free to send us an email.