Well Dressed Wolf Bot Guide


By purchasing and using this software, you are agreeing that you will not share, redistribute, or sell this product in any way or form. Each copy of Boutique Bots contains a unique identifier with the name and email of the buyer. If we see this product anywhere online for sale by somebody else, we will use the unique identifier to associate the bootleg copy to the original buyer, and we will pursue legal action against him or her to the furthest extent of the law. We own the full rights to this software. Each purchase grants a license for use for one person.
We do not offer refunds due to the nature of the product as stating in our terms and agreement page when you purchased the item. We guarantee Boutique Bots to work however we do not guarantee that you will be successful with a purchase due to variables that we cannot control.


The bot is intended for a single item but you can install the bot in up to four computers in one household.


-Desktop/Laptop with Mac,PC,Linux or Google OS
-Google Chrome Web Browser


You will receive an email to generate a password to access your dashboard and to the bot itself.
Using Google Chrome, go to your dashboard and login. Once you have logged into the dashboard download the extension by clicking on the product name.

Once you’ve added the bot to Chrome, you will get an icon on your taskbar. That is your bot! When you click on the icon, you will be prompted to login. Once logged in you’re ready to use the bot!

Bot Functions

By clicking on your WDW Icon, you can access the settings interface.

Here you will find selections for:
Size, Keyword Finder, Auto Add to Cart and Complete Checkout.


Selecting a size will automatically select the size for you across the Well Dressed Wolf Website. If the item is not found/selected then the item has been sold out in the size. If it is sold out, then you can manually select the size.

Keyword Finder

This option will allow you to be more specific on the item. You are able to use more than one keyword. If you are using multiple keywords, they need to be separated using commas. Click save and the bot will automatically open the website and start refreshing the page. Once the item has been found the bot will run the entire process(Auto Add to cart and Complete Checkout must be enabled) making it completely automated. To disable keyword finder, click it until its grey in text and click save.

Auto Add to Cart

Enabling this setting will automatically add the chosen size of any product to your cart of the item has not been sold out.

Complete Checkout

Enabling Complete Checkout allow the bot to automate the entire process. Once your item has been added to your cart, the bot will go ahead to place the order. It will fill out your billing and shipping information and place the order for you!

Billing & Shipping Page

You can access the autofill panel by selecting the three lines right next to the save button on your bot. (Above Image)

Autofill works by default. Autofill will input your billing and shipping information at checkout even if you have Auto Add to Cart and Complete Checkout disabled.



While updates are automatic now, you can make sure you have the latest updates by force updating:

1. Open your Google Chrome Web Browser.
2. Click the three bar settings button on the top right of the browser on Mac and PC.
3. Hover over the “More tools >” and choose Extensions (this will open a new tab).
4. At the top, there is a button labeled “Developer mode”. Make sure this box is checked.
5. A new bar of buttons will drop down. Select the button labeled “Update extensions now”.



  • Why did I get a “BAD REQUEST”?
    • If the item is sold out, the bot will  go to the “Cart Page”  however since the item is sold out you’ll receive a bad request page.
  • Why did I get locked from the Well Dressed Wolf Website?
    • Getting locked out of the WDW website can be cause because of refreshing(using keyword finder) frequently and for an extended period of time. This is a Shopify feature and is not an indication that they can detect bots.
  • Can I share Boutique Bots?
    • No, you may not. You are able to have multiple (4) uses of Boutique Bots under one network. This means you can have it on four different computers if you’d like. You can also have family or friends come to your location and use Boutique Bots under your supervision. We highly recommend that if you do this, you should uninstall Boutique Bots from any computer or laptop that is not permanently in your network. If we detect two IP addresses, we will VOID your copy of Boutique Bots, as it would be breaching our agreement.
    • To install on another device(desktop & laptop), log on to your dashboard and click on the product name and it will take you to the chrome store where you can install.
  • Boutique Bots did not work can I get a refund?
    • Boutique Bots is working and functional since the start of July 2017. Boutique Bots gives you a tremendous advantage at buying the item you want. HOWEVER, due to variables beyond our control and due to the nature of Boutique Bots we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS.
  • If you can’t log on to the bot, log into your dashboard. Click the button that says “Clear IPS” then retry to log on to the bot
  • If the keyword does not match  it will not detect it and keep searching/refreshing the page.
  • Use commas when using multiple words in keyword finder.
  • Do not login to your Well Dressed Wolf account(on their website) as it can interfere with the bot. You can still use the same email address as your account and it will show in your purchases.
  • My bot is expired, how do I renew?
    • Log on to your dashboard here, and you can renew there. Please not that it does say “Renew Here” but you don’t have to unless its your due date.
  • If you’re bot has been removed from your toolbar, simply log on to your dashboard and reinstall by clicking on the product name. It should open a new tab in the Chrome Store and you should be able to install.
    • Log on to your dashboard and Clear Ips then try to log on to the bot.It won’t let me log on to my bot, what do I do?


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